Quill News: Version 3.5.2

29 Jun 2020

Quill News: Version 3.5.2

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Quill 3.5.2 was released last week, bringing many bug fixes and new capabilities. It took a little longer than usual releases, but for a good reason: regargind the future of Quill, @deusaquilus has been doing an amazing job preparing the foundations for the upcoming Dotty implementation.

What does that mean? That Quill will be able to support new features and fixes that can’t be properly addressed with the current implementation. Translation of boolean literals or problems with infix are a few examples.

Let’s see what is new!

More modules supporting Scala 2.13

Thanks to @jilen the modules quill-async-mysql, quill-async-postgres, quill-finagle-mysql, quill-cassandra, quill-cassandra-monix and quill-orientdb are all available for 2.13.

quill-jasync is here!

Due to @Assassin4791 and @danslapman Quill offers a new option for async drivers via jasync-sql.

Find the (very easy) instruction of how to use quill-jasync here.

Better error message when lifting enum types

@majk-p made the error message significantly more useful, with a good illustrative example.

Remove use of Row#getAnyOption from FinaglePostgresDecoders

This one is an internal improvement that fixed a bug. The best description of the problem and solution was given by j-ostrich himself in his pull request.

Add translate to NDBC Context

quill-ndbc has been lacking translate, used to print queries. Not anymore! :smile:

Fix SqlServer snake case - OUTPUT i_n_s_e_r_t_e_d.id

Remember the feature Quill SQL Server: Returning via OUTPUT? Guess what, a bug happened.

Fun fact, in order to properly fix it I had to touch Quill’s AST, it’s a good reference for anyone intending to contribute :octocat:

Delete returning

You already knew about this one, we built it together!

Quill community is just :heart:

Thank you to all the contributions! The community around Quill is wonderful!

Want to contribute as well? Join us in the Gitter channel!