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Last week I attended the Functional Scala London 2019, a conference with an incredible lineup of prominent figures of the Scala world. Organized by John De Goes and Aleksandra A Holubitska, this conference is a proper contribution to the community:...

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Besides NDBC Postgres module, the release of Quill 3.5.0 brings an interesting feature for Microsoft SQL Server users: returning via OUTPUT.

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Quill 3.5.0 is out and this release brings an integration with the already mentioned NDBC Driver. This post is a brief summary about the new module quill-ndbc-postgres.

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As one of Quill’s maintainer and an open source enthusiast, I am always thinking of ways to spread the word and have more people contributing to the project. Pair programming is a great technique to share knowledge and introduce newcomers...

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Hacktoberfest is an awesome initiative that invites developers from around the world to participate and contribute to Open Source. This is the second year in a row that I managed to beat the challenge, and inspired by it I decided to...