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7 minute read

Discussing with a brazilian friend about the situation in our country, we realised how difficult it is to find information about public spending, and when available, how difficult it can be to reason about it. Joining our forces, we decided...

4 minute read

Shapeless is a library for generic programming in Scala, largely present in the ecosystem, but mostly behind the scenes; it is likely shapeless powers some of the libraries in your project, even though you don’t use it directly.

less than 1 minute read

Since version 1.4.200, H2 supports INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING in PostgreSQL Compatibility Mode. Thanks to b-gyula, Quill now supports this feature as well.

less than 1 minute read

The first Quill’s release of 2020 is out and besides fixes, it brings some useful features. The first of them is update(...).returning.

5 minute read

Lambda Days 2020, summary of second day. Don’t forget to read the wrap-up of the first day before this one!