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The first Quill’s release of 2020 is out and besides fixes, it brings some useful features. The first of them is update(...).returning.

5 minute read

Lambda Days 2020, summary of second day. Don’t forget to read the wrap-up of the first day before this one!

5 minute read

Lambda Days is a conference focused on Functional Programming, where the “academia meets industry”. The conference happens in Krakow, Poland, and this year I had the chance to attend for the first time, and share a bit of my knowledge....

2 minute read

JSON can be a complicated format to manipulate, even though it’s well structured text. When using static type languages - like Rust - we want the almighty compiler on our side, no one wants to work with pure text… but...

5 minute read

My summary of the second day attending the awesome Functional Scala London 2019. If you didn’t read the first part, just do it!